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If you’re a Sonic fan, then you know exactly who Tails is. This red-haired beast has repeatedly appeared in the games about the blue hedgehog. But she almost always only helped him and was a minor character. And finally, a game has been released where Tails becomes a full-fledged main character! A new platform adventure is waiting for you! Get comfortable and go on a run through incredible locations filled with obstacles, traps and bonuses!

In passing levels, Tails is in no way inferior to Sonic. She can also develop great speed and jump great distances and heights. The fox knows a few tricks from the arsenal of the blue hedgehog – for example, she knows how to do Spin Dash. What other tricks are in her arsenal – you will find out as you play. As always, everything will start with easy levels that will not be difficult to pass. But the difficulty will gradually increase, so get ready to sweat! To move further on individual fragments, you need really good reaction and finger dexterity.

However, the controls in the game are not complicated at all and you will quickly understand which buttons to press even purely intuitively. Everything is conveniently located on the keyboard, and the rest is a matter of habit. Having a little orientation in the gameplay, you will see that everything will go like clockwork. Rush through colorful levels, jumping over the most unimaginable obstacles and landing on the heads of enemies to deal with them. Do not forget to collect various power-ups and accelerations, as well as coins that directly affect your score. Play Tails.exe online and see how long it takes you to complete all the levels!

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