Arcade Games

Are you looking for simple fun? Don’t wanna get into the intricacies of the control scheme and burden your brain with complicated rules? Then arcades are perfect for you! This page contains arcade online games of a wide variety of topics, significantly different in plot and content. The main thing about them is their simplicity. You don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to playing arcades although the process is so exciting and addicting that is easy to spend a whole evening at your computer. But since there is often no story to follow and no time-consuming missions to complete, you can just as well use them to while away a spare minute or relax during a coffee break. So let’s discover the thrilling and unobtrusive world of arcades together!

The oldest genre in gaming history

It is believed that the genre traces its history back to platformers, in which the gameplay was often deliberately simplified. These were arcades that made the hobby for computer games truly massive. Remember at least the iconic Pac-Man! And if we talk about the era of eight-bit platformers, we must mention Super Mario – this cult hero is perhaps the most famous character in the gaming industry. Old arcades are so popular that game developers quite often create remakes of classic games in a wide variety of formats and on a huge number of platforms. So regardless of your device, whether it’s an old shabby PC or the latest iPhone model, you will surely find a broad range of entertainments to your liking! Since these games are very easy to make, they are always available in a great quantity. And it’s enough to just flip through this section to find dozens of options that will definitely appeal to you!

So simple yet so exciting!

Despite not the most exciting plot, they are historically very popular and thematically are real classics. In arcades there is nothing superfluous and complicating the life of the player. You will generally have to do with primitive laws of physics, cartoonish graphics and a gameplay that follows a set of easy rules and one clear goal. Most often, it’s getting to the end of the level or scoring a certain amount of points.

For example, if we talk about arcade races, then they will have the most basic controls and no drifts when cornering, regardless of speed. The same is with arcade adventure games where the hero can receive a large amount of damage and continue to move on without any change to his physical condition. Or vice versa, they can die from a single touch of the enemy. It’s not very realistic, but you don’t have to keep plenty of aspects in mind and can just focus on having fun!

So what is the adventure you are going to embark on tonight? Will it be running through endless levels, shooting at colorful balls from a cannon, saving penguins on the North Pole or climbing a high tower at the risk of falling down any second? Arcade games allow you to do just about anything! Immerse yourself in their vivid and versatile world and find just the right entertainment to your liking!

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