Fighting Games

We live in a very civilized time when violence isn’t endorsed. Moreover, you can have trouble with the police and even go to jail if you prefer solving problems by force. But fighting is one of the basic human instincts and it’s not so easy to get rid of it. So how can you give vent to all of the rough energy building up inside you without breaking the law and hurting yourself or someone else? Luckily, there is a great number of fighting games to choose from! They will give you a chance to experience all the thrill of fighting without going out of home and cruising for a bruising!

Ninja, boxer or street bully?

Fighting games come in a variety of kinds and offer a lot of different scenarios to any taste. For instance, you can join the ranks of the ninja, learn how to wield nunchucks and katana, and discover new elements of hand-to-hand combat. Before going out into the arena, you can choose from a wide range of glorious warriors with unique skills and astounding abilities that make them practically invincible. And the longer you play the more nuances of controls and tactics you are going to get the hang of.

Some games of this genre also imitate professional sports. You can feel like a real karate sensei or enter a boxing ring to crush the jaws of your opponents. The graphics can be both realistic to give you a full immersion in the process or cartoonish to make the game more entertaining and fun-looking. And if you hate rules, welcome to fascinating street fights where you can use all the dirty tricks that come to your mind! Defeating a bunch of bullies is not an easy task especially if they are armed. But luckily, you won’t go up against them bare-handed either. So it’s only a matter of skill and agility!

Not all of fighting games take the whole process seriously. Some of them are designed in a deliberately light-hearted and goofy manner and without any references to pain, blood and other brutal elements. Games like that can be played even by little children and they won’t have any adverse impact on their psyche. After all, fighting itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing – winning in such games improves reflexes, makes the player more confident and brings up the competitive spirit.

Fight to the last!

As you can see, fighting games can be very different. But there is something common in all of them – the need to stay persistent and try your best regardless of the situation. Even if you seem to be losing and your health is at a minimum, you must still do everything you can to tip the scales in your favor. There is always some trick, combo move or unexpected attack you can use to catch your opponent off guard and use it to your advantage. Many fighting games also include multiplayer allowing you to compete with other people in real time. And it’s way more complicated because they don’t act along pre-written algorithms. But if you put enough effort and time into it, you can quickly rise in the leaderboards and become one of the best warriors of the web. Enjoy our fighting games and let adrenaline flow through your veins!

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