Friday Night Funkin Games

Are you fond of music, rhythms, competitions, and parties? Then this game is perfect for you! Welcome to a fantastic musical title called Friday Night Funkin, a real masterpiece of the genre. Unlike other popular games of this genre, FNF includes a whole range of unusual and unique features. For example, here you will meet a bunch of bright characters with their own interesting personalities and styles. Also, the game has some kind of a background plot, numerous diverse levels that bring you to different locations, and a whole range of original songs that were created especially for this game. Are you ready for such an immersive and really enjoyable adventure? Here you go then!

The main character of this game is a young and talented blue-haired rapper. He is wearing cool clothes – a jacket, stylish pants, sneakers, and a cap. In the game he is called Boyfriend. This is because… he has a Girlfriend! And the entire plot is centered around this couple in love. His Girlfriend is a pretty and supportive young lady in a red dress, shoes on high heels, and long brown hair. Both of them are fond of music.

Boyfriend is the one who invents rhythms and sings songs, being an aspiring musician. His Girlfriend helps him become better and cheers him up all the time. During each game level, she sits on the huge speakers and nods her head elegantly along the music. She is happy when Boyfriend wins the matches and does cool combos. However, when he loses, Girlfriend becomes sad. She has another duty in the game – this lady joins Boyfriend in the training room and assists him to master new stunts and polish those he already has. Together, they make a perfect team and an adorable pair.

The process of the game is similar to a finger version of DDR. You will play for Boyfriend and meet numerous rivals with themed tracks. Each of them has his own style and what is more – reasons to challenge you for a rap battle. The very first rival you are going to fight with is Dad of your Girlfriend. The spicy situation happens at the very beginning of the game – the girl of your heart invites you to her place at the Friday’s night. Both of you are excited by the chance to spend a whole romantic evening together, listen to the music, chat, and cuddle. However, the heavenly atmosphere is being ruined pretty fast – her parents come back home all of a sudden. Everything sounds like a classical anecdotic story, but as you are in the center of it, there is a necessity to act! It turns out that her Dad has been a musician when he was young, so he calls you for a music battle. You need to follow his song and press the right buttons when the arrows on the screen reach their spots. Try not to miss the right moment for each arrow – make sure not to press the button too early, or too late. The most precise player wins the match. All the rest of the levels are built on the same principle, only the music, opponents, and complexity changes. Fight against demons and other rappers to impress your girl and prove that you are the best rapper in this city!

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