Shooting Games

Long ago, our ancestors were running through primeval forests swinging clubs and throwing spears at mammoths. Then they were replaced by huge armies with swords and bows. This went on for a very long time – medieval knights clad in heavy armor turned into elegant musketeers, and Asian nomads with bare sabers fought exotic warriors armed with halberds and katanas. Everything changed when firearms were invented!

Become a soldier, try your hand at sniping and compete with friends!

Shotguns have given people unprecedented advantages in battle. Now there was no need to expose your body to the blows of the enemy sword – with a good aim, a soldier could lay down an opponent with one shot. And if an arrow fired from a bow could simply not reach the target or be deflected by the wind, the speed and density of the bullet excludes such moments. However, gun shooting has its own nuances. If you’re not careful, one well-aimed bullet can take your life. And an unfortunate blunder on your part can disrupt the entire military operation. But if you still want to try your hand at this exciting and dangerous kind of confrontation, welcome to our amazing shooting games!

This genre has long become incredibly popular among players who lack action and adrenaline. Taking a gun in your hands, you can go to war and help your homeland defeat the enemy. Or become a special forces soldier and set out on exciting missions. Or build a career of a cold-blooded killer. And of course, what can be more interesting than a fun shooting match with friends or between teams of random players! There are many options, and everyone will find exactly what they like among this variety. A huge selection of weapons, from conventional pistols to sniper rifles, realistic ballistics, forcing you to calculate in detail the distance to the target, bullet trajectory and possible deviations, as well as dynamic gameplay that doesn’t allow you to relax even for a second, will give you a lot of indescribable impressions!

Choose your weapon, rush into battle!

Each type of weapon in shooting games is unique and has its own characteristics and advantages that determine the style of combat. If you like head-on attacks and crazy action, choose an UZI or other similar machine gun with a good rate of fire. If you are a stealth practitioner and prefer to remain invisible to rivals, a sniper rifle or a silenced pistol is ideal for you. When using different types of firearms, read the characteristics carefully. Each of them has its own magazine size, reload speed and recoil.

All this can significantly affect the course of the battle, making the game only more realistic. Great graphics and fluid animations turn the pixels on the screen into a gripping picture, immersing you in what is happening and allowing you to experience a whole range of emotions. And the ability to fight real opponents online gives you the opportunity to test your skills and climb up the leaderboard. Play our amazing shooting games and improve your firearms skills!

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