Among Us Games

Space is a huge black abyss, in the depths of which other planets are hidden. And maybe there is life on them too. In an effort to find brothers in mind, a brave team of astronauts takes off from their native Earth on an ultra-modern rocket. Everything is organized and debugged, the mechanisms work like a clock. But suddenly strange breakdowns begin to happen on the ship. Moreover, the crew members start to die under incomprehensible circumstances. The astronauts suspect there is a traitor on board. But will they be able to identify who it is? The outcome of the game and the entire flight depends on this – and your decisions as well!

Find out who the killer is!

Play with up to ten other people and try to guess who the traitor is! The role of the killer will be randomly assigned, so there is no way to find it out from the start. But as you get to know the rest of the team and observe its members in different situations, you will probably have some thoughts about this. Pretty soon after the start of the match, one of the crew members will find the first corpse. And then the game will begin for real! Carefully observe what is happening, turn on logic and intuition, discuss your suspicions during the votes. Do everything to make sure the traitor is exposed, his insidious plan fails, and the rocket safely flies further through space!

Most likely, you’ll find yourself in a peaceful role of an astronaut. To survive and unmask the killer, you must constantly stay alert. The murderer is wandering around, perhaps you are their new victim. Be careful and keep an eye on your coworkers – who is acting suspiciously, who is loitering around the ship, who is attacking others in the chat most of all? Perhaps this is the person you should look into!

Of course, it would be nice if you could abandon all work and devote your time to finding the truth. But the ship needs to be serviced, so every day you will be given different tasks. There are dozens of things to do aboard – someone needs to fuel the engine, check all the systems, replenish the levels of oxygen and destroy the asteroids threatening to damage the rocket from a special laser cannon. Complete all this assignments so that the rocket continues its journey, but keep your eyes open and don’t forget about the danger!

Or murder your crew mates one by one!

However, the most difficult and exciting role in Among Us is the murderer. You need to come up with a viable strategy that will allow you to quietly and efficiently finish off everyone on the ship without drawing their suspicions. It can be rather difficult because you have to make sure the person you’re aiming at is all alone and nobody is watching. Don’t forget that there are cameras all over the rocket and you have to study their location first otherwise you risk being caught on tape.

And of course you need to skillfully divert accusations from other players during the votes. But you shouldn’t be too aggressive because that might seem suspicious. As you can see, there is a lot of psychology at play here! Enjoy Among Us online and get through your part of the story as well as you can!

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