IO Games

Io games appeared a couple of years ago, so this is a relatively fresh and exciting format. These games first appeared on the screens of players after the developer shared a link on the image board. People started playing the game called, his very first masterpiece. Being excited by the amazing atmosphere of competition, constant development, and thrilling action, players were delighted by the idea. Minimalistic graphics and simple task impressed everyone, so the game became viral. Thousands of gamers from all over the globe started playing Agar and the developer decided – the time has come to invent something new and great. This way, numerous of Io games were created.

Compete and grow

The main two aspects of every Io game are competition and development. The principles can be described this way – you fight with other members of the server for valuable resources, like food or jewelry. When you gather these resources, you become larger/stronger/better than all the rest. Your character develops and therefore, you dominate the field. For example, the classical Io game mimics the idea of the good old Nokia entertainment called Snake. You are moving around the stage, gathering apples, and grow. Don’t you hit the long tail you’ve got there – this will stop the game. Only now you are not the only snake here – there are other snakes that are also striving to eat and grow. You can trick your rivals, make traps for them, and defeat them. Show your mastery in any Io game you choose! The principles always stay the same, while the plot and characters change. From snakes and worms to zombies and flies, you can see the games of different types here and have fun.
A great variety of entertainments
Io us a truly huge franchise these days. We have gathered all the popular titles and uploaded them all here. The collection includes everything you like – you can gather resources on the post-apocalyptic land filled with zombies; evolve from a small insect into a large mighty bird; become an underwater predator; and play the Snake plot in many other ways. The characters of Io games are cute and adorable – developers follow the cartoonish and funny style when drawing them. Once your character improves and grows, his appearance may change as well. Not only he will become bigger, but some other traits will change, too. Become a the best and the largest creature on the field, conquer the space, and have fun!

You are the Io champion!

All games provided in this section are available for free. You are welcome to launch any of them and have fun playing it as long as you want. They are well-done, unblocked, and truly entertaining. The games can be launched on your computer, tablet, or phone – just make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Have fun playing for a snake, worm, cell, fly, or any other creature. Choose the plot to your liking and make sure to become the strongest member of the server, defeating your rivals one by one like a boss! Reach the heights!

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