Action Games

Only an inexperienced gamer might think that most of online games are the same. In fact, there are numerous varieties of virtual entertainment. And one of the criteria that makes the genre of action games different from the others is the dynamism of the gameplay. Especially for those who like to be faster and more active, we have put together an awesome selection of incredibly action-packed titles that won’t let anyone get bored! Call your friends or sit down at the computer alone and have fun!

Stay on the move, enjoy the thrill!

Action means unceasing movement and a whirlpool of events. So in this section you will discover plenty of amazing games where the main character won’t have even a single moment to stop, relax and think about life. Here there is no time to waste! You constantly have to run somewhere, overcome obstacles, fight for your life and wage wars. Decisions must be made swiftly, and then you should act even faster to achieve all of your goals and defeat your enemies.

The scenarios of such games can be quite different. Some of them don’t have any story at all – the gameplay is centered around performing certain moves, for instance, jumping between the platforms and dodging the traps. Or simply shooting everyone on the location in the shortest time possible. But that doesn’t mean games like that are dumb because you still have to come up with some sort of a tactic to successfully cope with your task.

If you prefer more complexity, you may choose one of the games where there is a plausible main character put in some sort of a fascinating setting and sent to complete a kind of quest. Maybe you’d like to become a cosmonaut exploring a distant planet? Or a cowboy in the Wild West with a bounty placed on your head? Or a criminal who wants to take revenge on his former gang mates? No matter which of these options you select, you will definitely be thrilled by what is happening on the screen!

Plunge into a riveting adventure!

Talking about the graphical aspect, action games are divided into two types. The first have primitive visuals, often in the retro pixel style. But that doesn’t make them any less attractive, they even become charming in a way. The second type can boast a spectacular, colorful visual component, sometimes very realistic. That allows you to fully immerse yourself in the process and perceive everything like it’s actually happening to you in reality, especially if the game is 3D.

For the most part, action games are controlled from the keyboard if you play on PC, because the reaction speed of the fingers on the keys is much higher than when moving the mouse. However, this rule is not followed on mobile phones. Today you can perform a variety of moves and attacks only with the help of your touchscreen, tapping and swiping. Anyway, it’s a nice exercise that will improve your reflexes and make you more attentive and focused. As you can see, action games are not only fun, but also useful in a way. Join the fun, choose an adventure to your liking and enjoy the outburst of emotions you are going to experience!

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