Horror Games

Boo! Can you hear the wind howling outside the window? Are you sure you closed it tightly? If the moon is full, well, this is bad news – you are in great danger. It might be a werewolf lurking outside the house, looking for a way in! Still not scared? Then turn on our great horror games that will certainly make you shake with fear! Whether realistic and spooky or simply fun, they will definitely give you a great time as you fight vampires, fend off poltergeists, run away from maniacs and look for ancient mysteries in a haunted mansion. Be careful – monsters can be behind any door!

Get your shot of adrenaline!

If you like to tickle your nerves, horror games are perfect for you. Think for a second what exactly you are most afraid of. It takes just a fraction of time and a vivid picture in your head for you to literally feel the presence of a small, but very unfriendly ghost breathing down your neck. Can you feel shivers running down your spine? And now imagine that this ghost actually pops out of nowhere in front of you on your computer screen! A sight like that can give you a leap of terror and you won’t be able to control your reaction even though you know it’s all not real.

And that’s the best thing about horror games – they allow you to experience intense and creepy emotions without anything threatening you. After such a charge of adrenaline, you will feel more energetic and at the same time your psyche will kind of restart shaking off all the stress that has been accumulating so far. So can horror games be called a new therapy of our time? It appears so. In any case, they are very thrilling and fun to play!

Choose your horror story!

The stories and scenarios of this genre are simply endless. Because people fear many things, there is no particular shortage of topics. You can find yourself in a frightening house. It’s dark and gloomy, it’s very quiet and you can hear every footstep of yours. You are in an ominous castle on the top of a hill that contains a blood-chilling secret. But to revel it, you should look into every corner of the building finding bits of information that will tell you the entire truth. Just note that the creatures still living here, even though staying out of sight, might not want you to do this. And they will try to stop you… Similar plots challenge you to escape from the captivity of a crazy maniac solving puzzles and looking for keys.

Sometimes monsters can be not that scary on the outside. You would never believe there is a great evil hiding in a cute teddy bear! But it takes just one night at the famous pizza house to find out that Freddy the bear and his animatronic friends are very wicked creatures that will tear apart anyone they meet after dark. And you should definitely be careful while choosing the neighborhood to move into – you might end up living side by side with a rather suspicious neighbor who might turn out to be a serial killer. Or perhaps Pennywise is already on the hunt… There are lots of thrilling adventures for you to set off for in our great horror games! Choose one to your liking and prepare to be creeped out!

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