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Fear is not such a simple emotion as we are used to think. Sometimes you don’t even need to see something truly horrible to get really scared. It’s much creepier when a thing or being that looks innocent on the outside turns out to be a terrifying monster that threatens your life. And FNAF games allow you to experience these kinds of feelings to the full! You’ll get to know a bunch of sweet-looking toys. On the outside, they are just cute mechanical dolls. But the friendly Freddy bear will appear to be not that friend very soon…

Monsters in plush skins

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a captivating horror game where toys come to life in terrifying incarnations. Your hero gets to work as a security guard in a regular entertainment center for children. During the day, everything happens in the usual order of things, but with the onset of dark, the situation changes radically. Harmless toys open their eyes, and it becomes clear that their intentions aren’t so peaceful after all…

You have to spend five nights in the building, trying to survive. You must walk around the entire complex, consisting of many rooms, while being careful not to attract the attention of animatronics. All you have at your disposal is a flashlight and a set of cameras placed at different angles in each room. The rest of the time, you must keep calm and stay alert remaining at the control panel, but you shouldn’t relax!

A huge bear that entertains children with songs and dances during the day, turns into an insidious monster at night, pursuing you literally at every step. Don’t let him close to the console, controlling the doors and turning on the spotlight in time. The light scares off the monster, but the energy supply is severely limited. If you use the power mindlessly too often, you risk running out of it too soon. And then you’ll be doomed!

Survive for fight nights or die trying!

Over the years, there have been multiple FNAF chapters released to the wide public. Most of them take place in Fazbear’s Pizzeria. But some take you to different locations as well – for instance, you’ll have a chance to explore an old abandoned toy factory, meet the creator of the animatronics who was a crazy maniac himself and used to kill children dressed in a bear costume until he died himself still wearing it under mysterious circumstances. His spirit won’t rest in peace looking for a way to invade his creations and he’ll almost succeed in it.

In these parts of FNAF, it will be up to you to stop this madman and save other kids from a grim fate! A lot of people will be under threat to turn into animatronics themselves and you must not let that happen. At the same time, you need to take care of your safety because Freddy and his plush buddies will be constantly tracking you down. As you can see, this is a whole world with its own intricate story that is thrilling to follow. Will you be able to cope with your nerves and do everything in your power to survive in this mortal danger? That depends on you! Play our gripping FNAF games and check how brave and resourceful you are!

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