Baldis Basics Games

Welcome to the school of Baldi! Are you ready to study hard, become a smarty, and learn something new every day? Well, you will get it. This horror mimics old-school educational titles from distanced 90s, graphic was low-quality & tasks were a bit strange. The developers decided to used that pretty creepy atmosphere and graphics to make a real horror! Indeed, the bright colors and low-quality visuals look really scary when you approach them creatively. The game will bring you into absurd environment where Baldi is trying to chase you for uncompleted tasks. Spoiler – the tasks cannot be done – requirements won’t be met in any case. So run, run fast! Do your best to survive!

What kind of story will you experience?

Being a student, player is locked inside creepy school. There are five days make sure to deal with assignments & find how to leave. Uneasy task is that – player is surrounded from all sides and enemies are here to catch and kill you, they make you suffer & preferably – you’re your never leave this personal hell in these walls. Your worst enemy is a teacher of math. You might think that he’s fan of science – willing to punish you with a long ruler just because you cannot solve the math problem he assigns. However, this is not what it seems. When you look closer at the tasks Baldi gives to you, it is easy to understand – they have no solution. They are as crazy as the teacher! The games include other characters, not just Baldi. And, unfortunately, all of them are not nice – they are your enemies with an aim to lock & scare you. These are other teachers, pupils, and school staff members.

What are the objectives?

The game has two basic modes. One of them is a story and the second is an endless challenge. When you choose the story option, you have to complete tasks in order to win and escape in the end. Gather seven tasks – this way student can leave the school unharmed. However, things get tougher whith progress. Get notebooks and your main enemy, Baldi, becomes faster & attentive to your moves and actions. He easily understands your location because of noises & runs there. Avoid getting into his paws – this will end everything and you’ll die. While the story mode has a concrete task and number of items to be found, the endless challenge makes you search for the items as long as you can. Try to gather items earlier than he catches you. Again, he will start running faster when player progresses, still there are new skills to gain and that will allow you to slow him down. Try not to get scared to death!
Gamers will find all existing parts of the game here. Most of them take place inside of hellish school, but not all. Also, your favorite teacher will take you a wood where the survival challenge will continue. Chapters and modes available for all of our visitors for free, so choose your adventure & oppose real evil embodied in your science instructor. Stay accurate, attentive, show your best & don’t get caught – just stay alive no matter what!

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