Match 3 Games

Is there a genre so simple yet so addicting as match-3 games? It’s a world of colorful chips and shiny coins, tasty candies and beautiful sea shells, juicy fruits and ancient artifacts. The rules are not a problem to remember – you have to build and explode lines of three or more figures of the same type. But is it really that easy?

The same goal, different ways!

Despite its seeming simplicity, the mechanics of match-3 games can vary greatly from game to game or even from level to level. One way is to rearrange the pieces on the field so that they line up in a single chain. Controls are performed with a computer mouse, and the player drags elements with the cursor. When the necessary parts are united in a line, they disappear, and others fall into their place.

Another time, to form a similar line, you will have to shoot from an improvised cannon at a group of objects at the top of the screen. The accuracy of the shot is guaranteed by the known result – the disappearance of identical images. But if you don’t reach the target, the upper part of the field can go down, blocking free space and thus preventing further manipulations. The more such unsuccessful moves the less chances of winning the round.

Sometimes objects are in motion, rather than waiting for you to make your own move. The famous Zuma looks like a running snake in a spiral, and in order to destroy all its multi-colored balls in the inner layers, you must first deal with the outer one. The purpose is to prevent the chain from entering the house, otherwise the game will end.

In the process of playing match-3 games, additional features and boosters will be added that facilitated the task. But they will appear only after you gain a certain number of points, and for this, every step must be as effective as possible. Beams will soon become available to help you better aim at objects. You’ll be able to take advantage of bombs that break not only the chain, but also the adjacent elements. Universal balls can be attached to groups of any color and so on.

Amazing adventures and great discoveries!

But the most exciting thing about many match-3 games is a story that lies behind the gameplay! For instance, you can help the characters restore an old mansion, set out to search for ancient treasures hidden behind a tricky system of traps and riddles or even build your own zoo and inhabit it with exotic animals. That turns the game into a riveting adventure giving you the motivation to keep pushing forward. Because the price of passing another level isn’t just the score that will show up on your screen – it’s the curtains you can buy for your virtual house or a passage to a secret tomb!

Regardless of your choice, this genre is very fun and addicting. And it’s good for your brain! Playing match-3 games improves attention, visual perception and speed of reaction. So rather than just relaxing, you will also benefit from them! Discover the versatile and amazing world that opens up before you on this page and see if you can beat every single level!

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