Granny Games

One day, you wake up in a strange place without an idea how did you get there. You are in the old mansion, so strange and creepy. You cannot remember what happened before. You stand up and start looking around. The rooms and corridors seem to be endless. At some moment, you realize that you are not alone here. Someone lives in this house and you seem to be locked in here. That someone is not the most pleasant on earth – Granny. This is an old mad woman and she is playing deadly hide and seek with you. The task is to survive if you can. Opposing Granny is extremely difficult, but if you want to see the blue sky again, you need to try hard and find your way before it is too late.

The worse five days of your life

The plot of the game is pretty straightforward – you are locked in a house with a monster. There are only five days you have to leave this horrible place. You must hurry up and find the items that will help you get away. Namely, these are the keys. To get the keys that open the main gate and run away from here, you will have to wander around the house and search for them. Look at the wardrobes, tables, shelves, etc. The problem is that you cannot do that calmly and safely – the monster is near. And this monster will definitely get you if you won’t be careful enough. Despite the fact that Granny is pretty old, she hears perfectly and we would say – she has a supernatural sense. Once you make noise, even the slightest one, you will have to run and hide at once, since no matter in which room Granny is, she will hear you and run after you. Her legs are also fast – she dashes like lightning and you have only a couple of seconds to hide. Wardrobes, beds, and all the possible niches are suitable here – just move fast and make sure to get away before she sees you.

Horror never ends

We bet that you are fond of escape horrors where you need to survive at all costs. Granny is a perfect option for you then. This is a thrilling game and we bet that your experience will be absolutely exciting. The never-ending story of you being locked in a house with Granny is something you would like to try again and again – adrenaline and real emotions are waiting for you. We have uploaded all the existing chapters of Granny to our website and you are welcome to play them all whenever you are looking for spicy feelings. The game is truly atmospheric – not only the house but also the main enemy are created with great attention and we bet that even if you are an experienced horror fan who has already seen thousands of creepy titles, this one will make your knees shiver. Being under the pressure of constant suspense, you will definitely like the gameplay and plot. Try to stay alive after these horrible five days at Granny’s house – this won’t be easy, since every time she catches you, the game ends and you need to start all over again. Stay quiet, try not to drop things on the floor, and not to make doors squeak. Your survival is in your hands and a true monster is opposing you, so this is not going to be a walk in a park. Have fun and don’t get scared to death next time you see Granny chasing after you with super-human speed.

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