Survival Games

Human spirit is hardened in trials. But what kind of trials can wait for us in our comfortable, uneventful daily life? We follow our safe everyday routine without getting into any kind of danger and all of the stress we receive is connected with trivial things like problems at work, paying the bills and sorting out our relationships. There is simply no opportunity for us to show our courage and durability, test our reflexes and physical shape. If you want to change that and get your portion of adrenaline and adventures, welcome to our incredible survival games!

Become a modern-day Robinson!

The whole point of these virtual entertainments is contained in their name – your main goal is to survive. That won’t be easy because you will be put in harsh conditions where everything depends on your own skills and ingenuity. The scenarios of such games can be very different, but the meaning is always the same – stay alive no matter what, overcome all the hardships and prove that a real man can fight any circumstances!

For instance, will you be able to hold out on a deserted island until you see a cherished ship on the horizon coming to save you? You’ll have to find food and water, build a fire at night to keep yourself warm and scare off the predators, defend yourself from wild animals and craft all the necessary instruments and weapons using the materials scattered around.

Another variation of survival games is being casted off into the open sea on a small piece of wood after a shipwreck. You have to turn this shabby raft into a sturdy vessel that can become your home and shelter while you travel all over the ocean. By adding sea debris you can fish out of the water to your construction, you will expand and improve it, and pretty soon even sharks won’t be able to get to you because you’ll have nets and harpoons to hunt them! Bit by bit, you will transform your improvised transport into a luxurious yacht where there is a bedroom, kitchen and garden. On a vessel like that, you can take voyages to far-off islands and even run sea battles with other players!

Survive in a zombie apocalypse!

Those fascinated with the zombie theme will enjoy survival games in a mutant-sieged city. After the spread of a mysterious disease, most of the population have turned into ugly and aggressive creatures that now roam the empty streets looking for survivors to tear them into pieces. To stay alive in a setting like this, you need to be particularly careful. The enemies may attack any second and appear out of nowhere when you least expect it. So you should always keep your gun loaded and ready to put up a fight.

Good reaction and excellent shooting skills will come in handy while scavenging the abandoned buildings for supplies and ammunition. Just like in other games of the kind, you will also be able to build a fortified base where you can sit out a massive attack of the walking dead and also bring other survivors you’ll meet while exploring the map. Together you have more chances of fending off the creepy monsters! Enjoy the amazing gameplay of our survival games and see if you can deal with all the challenges!

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