It Takes Two

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Wanna have a wonderful time playing a great platformer together with your friend? Then It Takes Two is just what you’re looking for! Here you will take up the roles of a couple who got turned into puppets when they decided to divorce. And now they have to get back together and learn to work as a team if they hope to become human again.

This game resembles the world of children’s fantasies, where a little plastic soldier or doll in your hands experiences a new adventure every minute. Even when it gives you a respite from jumping and rolling on the rails, it will be an interesting location with a couple of interactive jokes like riding a train or starting a fireworks.The levels look fabulous. The world inside the wall clock is filled with wooden frames and gears. The cardboard castle in the nursery is inhabited by toy soldiers in knightly armor, and at the winter ball you can go ice skating and make a snowman.

To get out of this fix, the two players will have to join their efforts and unite their skills in solving various puzzles and overcoming daring obstacles. A lot depends on the teamwork, so trust your partner and do your best to cope with all the challenges!

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