Running Games

Running games will dare you to get through a series of tricky levels without stopping avoiding various traps and collecting bonuses. You’ll be racing through vibrant locations that are full of obstacles. Good reaction is a must to successfully cope with all the trials waiting for you!

Run non-stop!

If you love action and challenges, you definitely need to play running games! The main feature of them is that your character runs automatically, you can’t slow down, stop or turn back. They will keep moving forward at a steady speed, although some bonuses can accelerate you for a while. And as you race ahead, you need to keep your eye on the map that is strewn with hurdles and dangerous objects.

To complete the level, your character must not die which will throw you back to the starting line. In some games, there is a life count, and if you are lucky to pick a few extra lives in the process, you may survive without having to start over. But you still need to be very careful. Sharp thorns, lava puddles, deep rivers and various traps have been set up on your path. You need to notice them in time and quickly press the right button to avoid them! Some games also include enemies that will attack you as you run past them. In this case, you just have to jump over them or use a weapon if you have it to deal with the threat.

Beat all the levels!

However, overcoming all the obstructions isn’t enough to show a good result in this genre. You also need to finish the level with a decent number of points. They can be gained by collecting coins scattered through the map and also bonuses with multipliers and various boosting effects. Some of them can speed you up, allow you to jump higher and further, make you invincible for some time or even give you the ability to fly. So if you see a bonus hovering somewhere, you’d better take a long way around and get to it!

Every running game is different in terms of story and concept. Some don’t have any background, some intrigue you with their plot. For instance, you need to run away from an angry ghosts that you woke up exploring an ancient temple or catch a thief that sneaked into your house and stole your money. In any way, it’s going to be a riveting experience! Choose a running game to your liking on our site, start playing it and show what you are capable of passing all the levels that will get more and more complicated!

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