Poppy Playtime

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Game rate: 4.2 All rates: 65

It’s been a while since we saw a really exciting and fresh horror game. And now it’s here! Poppy Playtime combines the thrill of surviving in a haunted building and the intrigue of solving puzzles in order to reveal an old mystery. This time the action unfolds at an abandoned toy factory where you return after being fired from here long time ago. However, now it doesn’t seem such a bad thing – maybe if you had been left to work there, you would have disappeared just like the rest of employees. Something happened at the plant and nobody knows a thing about it. Will you be able to find out anything about these vague events of the past?

To do that, you will have to set foot in the factory which is now empty. It’s been in disorder for a while, but the machines are still working. On the table, you find a videotape that tells you about a new development of the company – a costume with hands that can stretch to any length. You discover it in a safe after picking the right combination. You can now put it on and use it to open doors, reaching distant objects and doing many other interesting things. One of them is the ability to circuit the wires and conduct electrical power through them. Maybe you will need it during the gameplay!

However, you should be very careful because there are creatures at this factory that don’t want you here. They will start by tracking you and watching you from afar. But as you get closer and closer to figuring out what really happened here, they will try to kill you. And that’s when you need to be particularly cautious. You will see the toys appearing in front of you unexpectedly. In moments like that, it’s important not to give in to panic and keep your head cool. If you manage to curb your emotions, you will have a chance of coming up with a better plan of actions. Anyway, the game is really creepy! There are a lot of moments that will scare you and fans of screamers will certainly be delighted. Immerse yourself in this amazing horror adventures and see if you can survive in Poppy Playtime!

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