Poppy Playtime Games

Do you love games that take you aback with thrills and fears? Then we have something new for you to try. It is Poppy Playtime – online entertainment that successfully combined elements of several genres – horror, adventure and quest. It will force you to go through unbelievable trials in order to survive. At first, the storyline tells us a mysterious story of the old factory which is believed to be cursed. One day, lots of people simply did not return home after their shift and nobody could ever find even a trace of them? What happened? Nobody knows. But years ago, a former worker decides to put an end to all speculations. He believes the answer is inside the factory and is going to find it. He does not care that the rumors say that the place is really not safe. And he will, unfortunately, regret this careless decision not once.

Main characters

As you have already guessed you will play for this curious guy who wants to explore the old facility. And toys will be your main opponents. Do not rush to say that this is nothing to destroy the old toys. You do not know what these creatures are capable of. Once the hero gets inside, all seems really routine – only dust and spiders inside. But once the day is over, things sharply change. The facility is immediately filled with strange noise and steps. Shockingly, the guy sees that all the toys he used to produce have come to life and are going to attack him. He cannot believe his eyes, but there is no time to ponder as the main villain is already behind his back. It’s Huggy Wuggy who is trying to trick you into his hugs, grinning wryly and exposing several rows of sharp teeth. Now you need to hurry, the enemy is fast and dangerous, and besides, he is terrifying in size.

How to survive?

You will be able to gain the trust of several toys. They will even help you navigate several situations. But otherwise, you will have to rely on your logic and skill. Complete tasks and move forward. You will also have an assistant – a magic backpack. It is equipped with two interactive hands and can conduct electricity. Use it to reach and explore things from a distance. Remember to stay away from aggressive creatures and collect various hints as you move on. Do not rely on the illusion of being safe as monsters can attack you at any place and at any time. It will not be a simple challenge. But you will not give up this courageous mission if the clue can be behind the next door? Good luck!

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