Trading Master 3D – Fidget Pop

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Trading Master 3D – Fidget Pop will turn you into someone like the wolf from the Wall Street, but in the world of online gaming and colorful toys rather than big deals and millions of dollars. Here you can trade a great variety of items with other players and gather a whole collection of them as you increase your assets and improve your trading skill!

The whole process is quite easy. At the beginning, you get behind the table where there are just three buttons – one with a tick, one with a cross and one with a plus. These are all the functions you need to start and successfully conclude your trade. To open it, you just have to pick some of the items from your inventory and drag them to the table. You can choose from one of the icons below that also show the amount of things you currently have. It can be just about anything – a burger, a spinner or a Rubik’s Cube. At the same time, your opponent will put some of their belongings on the table as well.

Then you need to decide whether you agree to exchange or not. That corresponds to one of the buttons you have. If you are pleased with the result, click or tap the tick – the trade will be complete and each of you will get your respective bunch of objects. If you changed your mind in the process, you can always cancel the trade with a cross. And if you think that the exchange isn’t fair and you want the other player to throw in some more, you can press the plus and maybe he’ll agree to add something else.

How can you tell if the trade is going well for you? There is an indicator at the left showing whether it’s panning out well or not so well right now. You just need to keep an eye on the arrow that can go from good all the way down to bad. And then you can adjust your decisions and get more coins and also more cool items. Start honing your trading skills with Trading Master 3D – Fidget Pop right now and see if you can build up a real virtual fortune!

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