House Horror Game

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House Horror Game will tell you a grim story about a usual family that fell prey to a crazy maniac. The evening will begin as usual, with all members in the house, busy with their things. Then they will start dying one by one, and you’ll have to figure out the reason or at least get away alive.

Your character will be a little girl who has a big family. You can get to know them as you walk around the house and explore every room. You will also find a bunch of objects that can be interacted with. Some of them might seem pointless to you, but don’t discard them right away – maybe they will come in handy later.

Among those objects, there will also be keys that are meant for certain doors in the house. But first you need to find them cause they won’t always be out in the open. Who knows what you are going to discover behind them? Perhaps there will be some evidence there that will lead you straight to the killer.

And maybe it’s someone from the family? Anyway, if you see you sister lying on the floor with her skull cracked, you should know that the hunt has begun, and from now on you have to be extra careful. Will you be able to solve this chilling case? And will you be able to survive? To find that out, you need to play House Horror Game!

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