Crab Game

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Pluck up all your courage and take part in the new sensational survival game. This time, it will be even more interesting. Crab Game is an exciting parody computer game based on the Korean series Squid Game. The success of the game is indisputable. It can be seen by the steady growth of online. This is a fascinating multiplayer first-person game, in which players participate in survival tournament, and the winner receives a major monetary prize.
Participants will take part in various mini-games where they have to overcome various tests. For example, “Red light, Green light”, singing, dragging ropes, running, jumping, cutting out shapes from cookies, and race on glass panels. The main goal is to win in the mini-games and survive. As in the series, players need to take challenges and pass different tests. But in the game there are much more of those tests. Some tests almost completely copy the tests in Squid Game, others have nothing in common with the show. In each session, 35 users are involved, among which there will be only one winner according to the results of mini-games.
Take the courage and pass a series of tests, do your best to stay alive. In this multiplayer network game you will have 28 cards and 9 modes at your disposal. Each mode is designed to fight for survival and money between the crowd of adventurers. If you want to play with friends or find partners for Crab Game, then Discord RBK Games will help you.
Do not miss the opportunity and be sure to participate in this arcade based on the series Squid Game. You will receive a lot of extreme, fun, unforgettable emotions, and vivid impressions here. You will definitely love this amazing game. Enjoy your time.

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