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Crab Game is a clone of Squid Game. The game quickly became popular and gathered a big audience. Crab Game looks like Squid Game. You can see many similar features in both games. Characters have identical costumes, they take part in similar competitions, and the final is the same. As well, the game and the series are similar. The developers are joking that their game was not based on any popular Korean TV series,
Crab Game is a competitive arcade, in which up to 35 people can take part. Players need to resolve various tasks and do not give others to perform them. In Crab Game, players can communicate with voice and text chats. 28 cards and 9 game modes are available at the start. In the multiplayer Crab Game, you will play in children’s games until only one winner will remain, which will receive a large cash prize. When playing mini-games, you will participate in tugging the rope, cutting out shapes from cookies, running, jumping, and even singing. As you can see, there are a lot of competitions! For every taste and color.
This game features two types of rooms for users. In some, you communicate with the help of a voice, and in other you conduct correspondence and exchange content. Channels for “live” communication are marked with a loudspeaker, and for the text one – with the sign of hashtag. The architecture of the application is constructed in such a way that you can communicate and chat in different channels.
Plunge into interesting adventures and check yourself for endurance. To win in this game, you will have to make a lot of effort and show all your talents. Get up courage and defeat all your rivals.

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