Cartoon Cat

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Abandoned buildings – schools, hospitals, houses – are often shrouded in secrets, gloomy scary legends, and the game Cartoon Cat Horror is connected with them. The brave characters of this horror story decided to check the veracity of the rumors circling in the neighborhood. They doubt the existence of monsters, but the events that happened made them believe in the terrible. How to distract the antagonist? Maybe… a cartoon cat will ditch the chase for a ball of wool?

That’s right, the main villain of this game is a famous cat from a cartoon many of us were watching as kids. His name is Felix, but he’s far from his sweet cartoonish self. Here he plays the role of a monster who hunts people. He loves chasing them as if they were mice and because he has such long paws and is super fast and strong, running away from him is quite a challenging task. And you will see that with your own eyes once you start playing this game!

There are plenty of difficult situations in Cartoon Cat. And their outcome depends entirely on your actions, reactions and decisions. A cartoon cat is unpredictable and dangerous. If you are left alone with him, you cannot hesitate and allow wrong steps. The strange humanoid creature is not distinguished by kindness. Would you like to meet him anyway? If so, go ahead and prepare to act quickly because there will be no time to figure out complicated strategies and weight your odds! You have to do something right now!

It is possible that the monster appeared after unsuccessful experiments by scientists. There is an old photo in which his vile silhouette is vaguely visible. But you don’t know where and under what circumstances it was taken. Maybe it was back at the time when these very tests took place. There is something repulsive about him. Giant and disfigured, as if drawn, this dangerous representative of the cat family knows how to change his form. At least that’s what people say about him. Whether this is speculation or truth – find out during your horror adventure!

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