Cartoon Cat Horror

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Do you remember Felix the cat from cartoons you used to watch as a kid? Well, in this game he will appear before you in a quite unusual shape. While he was a cute and friendly creature on the TV screen, this game depicts him as some kind of a monster. His grotesque embodiment has a long meandering body, horrible teeth that are simply huge and don’t evoke any desire to pet this creature and white gloves that he wears on his paws. If you’re not creeped out yet, you just need to start playing!

This cat is very aggressive. He will attack everyone he sees, and so even his colleagues from the monster world are afraid to get near him. But you didn’t know that, and now you will have to run for your life from this demonic being! And since the favorite game of all cats is to chase something – in this case it’s going to be someone, namely, you. To get away from Felix, you will have to show amazing reflexes and a lot of dexterity. You have to keep your fingers on the buttons to be ready to act any moment. Your enemy moves very quietly, you may not even hear him approach you. So any time you need to be prepared to start running!

Just look at these incredibly long paws! You can imagine what Felix is capable of if he can ruin entire houses. There won’t be much left of you if he catches you, so you have to maximize the distance between you and this terrible beast as much as possible. This horror game will come in handy for both kids and adults. The graphics is cartoonish, there is no blood and violence, so even small children can play it. You will definitely enjoy the dynamic gameplay and the amount of adrenaline that will flow through your veins as you participate in this thrilling horror adventure. Start playing Cartoon Cat and see if you can outrun the dark twin of Felix!

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