Burger & Frights

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Burger & Frights is a horror game that will immerse you in the creepy atmosphere of a night forest. The main hero needs to ride through it on his bike with nothing but his own headlight illuminating the road before him. For quite a long time, the ride seems to go fine, but once the character relaxes a bit and writes his fears off to his vivid imagination, he starts seeing things that are definitely real…

So if you want to tickle your nerves a little, you should definitely play it! Besides, horror games are a great way to save you from stress. Did not know that? But it is so. Creepy stories are so realistic that they quickly displace other problems and concerns from consciousness. The player begins to solve urgent problems and is so focused on the plot that they simply forget about other matters and desires. And in this respect, Burger & Frights is a wonderful choice because you need to stay concentrated on the road all the time.

Since it’s night and you can’t see a thing other than a few meters in front of you, something can always arise unexpectedly in your path. Be it just a log that you need to dodge in time or a walking corpse that will try to grab you. Yes, and what did you expect from a horror game? This forest appears to be full of nasty creatures that are looking for late travelers just like you. They are drawn to you flashlight like moths to a flame. And they won’t even warn you about their presence – no, they will appear before you all of a sudden making you jump in your chair.

At moments like that, it’s important not to lose control because if you fall of your bike, the evil beings will hunt you down and it’s going to be gave over for you. You have to stay in the saddle and keep riding even if you were taken aback and really scared. The whole game is rather short and it won’t take you long to reach your destination. Another thing is that it will be complicated because, at least before you get used to it, these sharp emergences will make your hands twitch and you will have to replay the level.

But don’t worry, it will get better with practice, and you’ll surely arrive at the end point which is a fast food restaurant located just across the woods. Once you successfully order your burgers, you’ll be out of danger and will be able to forget about all the nightmares you’ve just seen. So get yourself together and start your journey! It’s going to be hard and dangerous, but you will handle it!

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