Squid Game

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The game is based on the recently released Korean TV series Squid Game, a hard-core drama about children’s games that adults have to play.
Lost souls gathered at a huge testing ground – people mired in debt and in a difficult life situation. They are offered to play six children’s games and win a huge pile of money. However, the price is also high: failure is inevitably followed by death.
456 people play children’s death games voluntarily: they themselves made such a decision for themselves or loved ones. They are looked after, they are treated politely (as far as possible when the employees of the enterprise have assault rifles in their hands), and the Host repeatedly speaks about the main principle of the game – absolute honesty.
At first, the players behave politely towards each other – they even, one might say, rally against a common threat and intend to win together. However, the catch is that the general fund is made up of money that falls into the money-bank after the death of the participants. That is, the more persons die, the more money is at money-bank. Over time, people begin to split into groups, trying to put together a stronger team – outright bastards separate and begin to terrorize the rest. Someone keeps aloof, while others curry favor with strong teams in order to survive and come closer to victory.
It is even possible to end the game if the majority votes against, which, by the way, happens after the first game. However, having returned to the real world, to their debts and problems, most players decide to continue playing. In reality, they have nothing but here – at least a chance to win and make money. Then when playing this game, you can expience everything the heroes did in the series. You must agree there have never been any games like this! Would you like to play Squid Game?

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