PUBG New State

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Welcome to a fresh release of PUBG. Now all the events will move to 2051. The main plot is still devoted to the battle-royale theme. As in previous parts, the players will participate in a massive battle that can count up to 100 people. If you are a fan of this entertainment, you know everyone starts on the island absolutely weaponless. As you move inside the location, you will discover guns, pistols and even vehicles that will simplify your task and increase your chances to win. There are excellent innovations added – ultra-realistic graphics and the unique Global Illumination technology. Overall, now you can enjoy new environments, more game modes, and additional interaction possibilities. Huge maps come in the impressive size of 8×8 kilometers. You will play in the futuristic world, where different factions will fiercely fight for resources to survive. It means that you will get access to all sorts of advanced technologies such as drone attacks, new vehicles and portable barricades. Your territory will be continuously decreasing, and weaker participants will be forced to leave the battlefield. A new feature has been added that awards the winner with a special bonus that allows him to unlock items on the menu. Join this thrilling entertainment to prove you are the strongest player!

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