Pancake Run

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Pancake Run is a fascinating arcade where you need to show your agility and good reflexes controlling a plate full of cakes as it slides down a long table filled with various obstacles. On your way, you have to pick up more cakes and also various ingredients that can be added to them. Your goal is to make sure as many of the sweet treats as possible end up on the table of the happy children waiting for them at the end of the level.

Who doesn’t love tasty pancakes? They are good both for breakfast and to have a snack when you’re hungry. So it’s no wonder there are so many hungry mouths eager to snatch their serving of this wonderful dish as you are making your way to the finish line. They are going to be the main obstacle on your path and you have to apply every effort to avoid them. If you run your plateful of cakes through one of such mouths, the pile will get a little smaller. But don’t worry, you can aways add some more crusty pancakes by collecting them along the table! There are also various fruits scattered around, and it’s up to you to decide which one to add to your meal today – bananas or strawberry. Tubes with toppings won’t hurt as well – who will refuse a breakfast sprinkled with a bit of chocolate or vanilla cream?

Picking up all this stuff will not only make your pancakes more delicious, but it will also bring you extra points. Depending on how many of them you will have in the end and how many bonuses you have collected in the process, you’ll get a final score. Do you think you can beat your own record?The levels will get more and more complicated as you proceed further through the gameplay. Will you be able to pass them all? Play Pancake Run online, check your reflexes and enjoy one of the most delicious-looking games available in the web!

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