Mr. Hopp’s Manor Escape

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Mr. Hopps is back, and he has brought along some friends! Now the main heroine of the game has to beware not only of the murderous rabbit, but also of other toys that all seem to be possessed with some sort of a dark power. At night, they turn into evil beasts and they wont’ leave you alone until they see your dead body. But they’re not interested in blunt massacre, they enjoy playing with their victims. So you still have a chance to escape while they are tracking you down and creeping you out, building up suspense.

For that, you need to figure out how to unlock the front door. Of course, you won’t be able to do it right away because then it wouldn’t be so exciting to play. First you need to open a lot of other doors leading to rooms where you can find the objects you need for your plan to work. And surely the toys won’t let you do it that easily. So you have to be both very attentive and highly careful at the same time. Look for any clues, think logically and turn on your ingenuity. There is surely a way to leave this spooky place, you just have to put in a little thought and effort. And don’t forget about safety – the toys can make their move on you at any moment!

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