Happy’s Humble Burger Farm

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If you think simulators are boring, you are completely wrong. You can see it yourself in this new game. Yes, you will be fully involved in a cycling cooking process, but if you do not follow the rules, you will immediately find yourself in a horror adventure. Are you interested to learn more? So, the events unfold in a small town where the main character lives. He finds a new job in a fast-food restaurant and you will join him in his first night shift. What are your responsibilities?

At first, everything seems more than simple – you will be preparing food and drinks and serving customers. But you are seriously warned that no mistakes are allowed here. It is better to treat this warning seriously, and you will soon learn why. Despite late hours, there is no lack of visitors – this place seems to be really popular. You will start receiving orders and completing them, and one moment, it may seem they will never end. It is very important to do everything fast but, at the same time, you’d better not mess them up. Of course, it is difficult to avoid mistakes in this hectic flow of clients. But you will get tired over time, and the missteps are inevitable.

Unfortunately, your distraction will cost you a lot of nerves – you will start noticing strange things around. It is the mascot of this place, Happy the Cow, that shows its disapproval. Lights keep switching off, some devices do not work properly, and what is most horrible – very weird visitors start to appear at your door. Are you ready for some thrills now? You will have to take part in various battles with these strangers. This is where the simulator changes into true horror story full of creepy noises and terrible scenes. Are you brave enough to survive this nightmare till your working hours are over? Join this game to live through incredible adventures with the main hero.

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