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Game rate: 4.4 All rates: 26

GTA V is the latest part of the legendary gangster game series where you can enjoy everything you love in GTA – preforming missions, free-riding through the city knocking down people and running away from cops, robbing strangers, getting into shootouts with hostile gangs and more – only on an even larger scale!

It is impossible not to fall in love with the game. The storyline is brutal, uncompromising, and surprisingly politically incorrect. In the center of attention, there are three different game characters at once. The first is a black young man Franklin, originally from the poor areas of the city of Los Santos, squeezed by the framework of social status, but dreaming of a beautiful life in the local Hollywood. The second is Michael, a retired wealthy thief clearly in midlife crisis and tired of his life with naughty (and downright stupid) kids and a bitching wife. The third is mentally ill Trevor, who dreams of a transnational criminal corporation centered in the village of Sandy Shores. Fate brings all three together for, let’s call it, adventure.

In addition to the plot, the game has an incredible number of side activities: random missions, additional tasks, races, robberies, shootouts – whatever. If you alternate the main tasks with third-party activities, then the game will open up to the fullest. Drive through the countryside, climb a mountain, jump with a parachute, learn to fly an airplane, take photography, go hunting – feel the atmosphere, worked out to the smallest detail.

The surrounding world is so believable you actually forget that you are in the virtual reality. Unlike the previous games with custom NPC skins, every single person here looks different. The physics has also been greatly improved, so now all the action feels much more realistic. The main missions have become more versatile and fascinating due to the ability to switch between the characters. And as usual there are plenty of references to real-life analogues of different areas and a lot of cultural homages. Enjoy GTA V online on our site!

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