Friday Night Funkin Hex Mod

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Game rate: 4.4 All rates: 13

It is hard to name a better musical game than Friday Night Funkin! Indeed, most games of this genre are pretty plain – they rarely include bright characters, original songs, and cool gameplay. However, this masterpiece is quite different. Everyone who has ever played and enjoyed DDR will definitely fall in love with Firday Night Funkin. What is more, you will like it even better after meeting a pack of amazing characters that take part in the story. In this mod, you will meet Boyfriend, the main character – he is a rapper with blue hair, a real rebel, and a talented musician seeking for fame and love of his Girlfriend. Of course, you will also meet her, his pretty Girlfriend, a young and beautiful lady in a red dress. She is always by his side, ready to support, help, and get excited when he wins the battle. And, of course, as the name of the game suggests, you will meet Hex!
Who is Hex? He is a fellow that challenges you for a rap battle. He is tall – Hex is basketball player and… he is made of iron! That’s a bright character with great skills. When he starts talking to you in the mod, you cannot guess which intention he has. Unlike your previous rivals, be it a demon or Girlfriend’s Dad, this fellow sounds and looks friendly. However, you still have doubts if he really not aggressive towards you. What are his purposes? Does he want to have fun… and that’s all? Of maybe, this guy has something trickier on his mind? Play the game and you will find out more!
The Hex Mod includes numerous great songs starring your opponent – he really has something great to show. Try to handle his rhythms and beat him down with your impressive lines, if you can! Your Girlfriend will cheer you up, so get inspired and win the battle with one of your most powerful opponents ever. This won’t be easy, because Hex is not a simple guy and he has some unusual and unexpected turns in his pocket. Don’t let his outer friendliness fool you and be ready for everything. This mod definitely includes some intrigue and you will find out more about it very soon. And, the main thing – have fun as you do some Friday Night Funkin!

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