FNF Multiplayer

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Game rate: 3.8 All rates: 15

Do you wanna feel the groove of the best music hits under your fingertips? Then you should definitely try this new mod for your favorite rhythm-based arcade! You can now actually play with your friends and simply random people in Friday Night Funkin multiplayer game. Are your reflexes good enough to defeat all of your opponents and get to the top of the rating? Let’s find out!

At the beginning of the game, you will have to connect to one of the servers where the contests are running. You can wait for the system to match you with random players or invite your friends and set up your own private musical competition. It’s going to be a hot one because now it’s not the AI you have to beat, but a real person. And they aren’t going to give up that easily!

The whole process has remained the same. You will see your character on stage and the song will start playing. You’ll have to press the arrow buttons (another option is WASD) and your hero will move and produce sounds to the beat. It’s important to time your moves perfectly to the rhythm of the tune. If you miss it too often, you won’t be able to score a lot of points. And you need them for victory. Each battle lasts for three rounds. They correspond to different tracks you need to groove to. At the end of the battle, all of the points earned by each opponent are summed up and the game proudly announces the winner.

Get ready for some action! You have to hit the buttons non-stop and time your moves with perfect precision. And playing with friends is surely more fun that battling against the digital rivals on your own! Do you have enough music in you to become the hero of the stage and leave a trace in the art history? That depends on you, your skills and persistence! Start playing FNF multiplayer right now and have fun!

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