FNAF The Killer In Purple

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Game rate: 3.2 All rates: 9

You know well how difficult it was to play for a night guard in the FNAF horror game and avoid crazy animatronics. But this time, role change, and you become a hunter yourself! Now you are the killer in a purple suit whose task is to lure as many victims as possible into your traps. You will work in the pizzeria and it will not be difficult to win the trust of children and then kill them in your secret room. It is vital to commit all your crimes in a secluded place, away from cameras and adults, otherwise the alarm will switch in and the police will catch you in no time.

If you manage to perform well and leave no traces or evidence, you will earn experience points. Use them to unlock new skins for your character to be able to fool around even more innocent children. You will also have special animatronic suits that you will use to pack your dead victims. The plot is eerie enough, will you have enough gut to transform in this ruthless killer? If yes, show your best and try to capture the maximum number of kids to try on all suits available for the main hero. Each of them comes with a new set of powers. Also, you can unlock new locations and other features of you earn enough points. Start this bloody adventure now!

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