FNAF Security Breach

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Once upon a time, a company decided to release talking and moving dolls. At first, everything went well – Freddie, a big teddy bear, walked adorably, danced with a cute awkwardness and sang songs programmed in his head. But it turned out that there was a failure in the technology. At night, these cute toys turn on by themselves and instead of the standard program are sent to bloody murders! When it became clear, the company was closed, everyone was fired, but the test batch of animatronics still remained in the local pizzeria. And the girl who wrote their interface didn’t want to give up the work of her whole life.

There is only one but – Vanessa is crazy. She herself is a maniac, ready even for murder and torture for the sake of science. Now she has a crazy idea to check whether it’s possible to turn an ordinary person into an animatronic by inserting a puppet processor into them. To carry out her cunning plan, Vanessa must sneak into the building and take one of the chips out of the toys. The easiest way to do this is at the grand opening of a new pizzeria. And then all that remains is to catch some careless and gullible child and pull off the whole operation! Is another heinous crime going to happen at Freddie Fazbear’s? Play the new FNAF chapter and find out!

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