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Game rate: 4.4 All rates: 61

FNAF 9 is already here! This thrilling horror game is ready to tell you a new story about the notorious Freddie Fazbear’s pizzeria. This time you’ll be playing against a much more dangerous enemy – the person who created all the animatronics. To everyone else, he is known as the Purple Killer. This guy wasn’t quite right in the head. He himself killed many people dressed as a huge bear. That was the suit he died in and since that time, the mad genius became a furious ghost bent on inventing a way to turn mere mortals into his bloodthirsty creations.

This is just what he intends to do at today’s opening of a new pizza house. There are a lot of children in the building who gathered to try new kinds of pizza cooked especially for the event. Our antagonist just needs to choose the one who fits his evil plan just right… Unfortunately, he picked you. And now you have to save your life or become one of the monsters hunting you across the multiple floors and rooms of Mega Pizzaplex!

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