The Sims Games

With each new update, the virtual world of the famous life simulator known all over the internet as The Sims becomes more and more close to real life. Thanks to the convenient character creation editor, we are given the opportunity to come up a wide variety of Sims that are not similar to each other. There are 24 skin tones, 18 hair types available. A wide variety of clothes and shoes makes you feel like a real stylist – absolutely everyone will find something to their liking. Just like in reality, a Sim should have their own character and life purpose (or even several). Are you ready to find out more about this amazing world? Then welcome to our great collection of the Sims online!

Just like in real life

For a character to feel comfortable in the virtual environments, it is necessary to satisfy his vital needs: leisure, a sense of satiety, sufficient sleep, hygiene and communication with other heroes. As in the real world, to make your house and lot more comfortable, your Sim needs money, which you can earn for any of the professions provided, from doctor to astronaut, and move up the career ladder to increase your income. The game is not limited to just people. It’s a common thing to create a vampire, alien, wizard, mermaid, or meet them on the streets of spacious towns.

The essence of the game is to manage a family, which can consist of eight virtual people max. The Sims isn’t not tied to the storyline and theoretically the characters can be controlled forever. The game is only interrupted when the last controlled Sim on the lot dies for any reason, then it is possible to choose another family. The main goal of the player is to constantly take care of your characters and make sure their life is full of happiness and exciting events.

Work, have fun, make friends!

Another goal is to find a permanent source of income because you need to pay the rent, buy products and so on. Improving your skills is also important – besides, that will give you access to a greater variety of tasks. And of course don’t forget about strengthening your bonds with other Sims. In addition, the game allows you to build houses and furnish rooms where your characters. When playing for a family, you can switch between two main modes. First of all, there is life, where the player directly controls the actions of the Sims, and construction or buying. In this mode you are able to build a house and equip it with furniture to your taste. While you’re doing it, the course of life stops and the Sims freeze in their places. So make sure to remove everything that can come in your way in advance.

As you can see, the world of the Sims is highly diverse and vibrant. It’s much like leading a real life, only with more opportunities and exciting events happening on a daily basis. Discover the perks and details of this colorful reality, create your own family, improve your house, move up your career ladder, raise your children and find true friends that are scattered all over this virtual city! There are plenty of versions for you to try!

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