Racing Games

The time has come to feel speed, adrenaline, and thrill! Welcome to one of the most popular sections of our site – racing games, the place where you will enjoy endless adventures on the wheels. We know that all fans of racing games are fond of cool cars, twisted routes, and of course – the spirit of competition! Are you ready to immerse in all of this right now? Then you have found your way to the environment where boredom will never strike you. 3D races, competitions, solo riding, extremal racing on sand or dirt, drifting, and more – we have thousands of titles for you here! Enjoy!

Choose your way of having fun

Racing games can be different and this is exactly what makes them that great – if you are fond of cars and speed, you have a chance to enjoy numerous ways of having fun. In this section, you will find 1st and 3rd person games as well as multiplayers where you will meet your rivals and compete for victory. The environments are diverse – water, sand, and even space or air. Some of the local games are realistic and they are based on the laws of physics, while the locations mimic city streets or riding arenas. There are other games where you will enter the fictional world, space, or other dimensions – there are no limits here! You will find literally anything, from hardcore three-dimensional simulators to funny arcades. There are games where you will feel like a real driver in the car on track, as well as cartoonish and even humorous old-school titles. Choose your type of racing!

Arcades, simulators, and kart racing

Whether you like realistic sims, funny arcades, or karts – you will experience all of these on our platform. Arcades are more relaxed than simulators – they have free physics. The main difference is that sims encourage you to drive smartly just like you are inside of the real car – reducing your speed to make turns, change settings right away, and keep your car safe from collisions. Arcades make you power-slide the car and drift, making crazy stunts. In most of them, collisions are great and they are a part of the game. You should focus on the speeding elements without worrying about your safety and accuracy of driving. They are less precise than simulators, but this is exactly why we like them! On the contrary, sims are perfect for everyone fond of realism and true racing. Simulators are diverse and most of them are three-dimensional. Some drivers even improve their skills with the help of these titles. When it comes to karts, these games are more like simplified driving entertainments. They are usually wacky, funny, and cartoonish. Most of them feature characters from the well-known series or games. Most of them include combat and collecting as well as background stories. Play all kinds of racing games on our site and enjoy speed, emotions, and the most important – win the races and get prizes! Improve your skills and become a better rider with every driving session you take part in. All games are free and available online, so join now and let the wind blow in your face!

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