PUBG Games

How competitive and aggressive are you? Are you ready to do everything it takes for victory? Can you take quick decisions in critical situations while also keeping in mind a longer-term strategy of your actions? If so, then welcome to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds!

Each PUBG match sets one single goal before the player – to survive at any cost. They also start in about the same way: at night, by parachuting from an unmarked plane onto a map with an area of around 64 kilometers. This will be your battlegrounds – there is no way beyond the boundaries. Cooped up inside this territory are a bunch of soldiers that all land in different parts of the island. But it’s only a matter of time before they run into each other and enter a bloody struggle for survival.

There will be only one left

PUBG is a shooter, and the main defense here is a good gun. But when the player lands on the ground, they have nothing of the kind. We can say that the first stage of the game is roulette for survival: either you’re lucky to find a good weapon or not. And if you are, after a short but very adrenaline-packed parkour, you will get to buildings, dilapidated warehouses and other structures, where you can collect an essential case: first aid kit, clothing, protective ammunition, barrels. All this can be lost a hundred of times during the game, so it won’t hurt carrying a few extra things in your inventory.

And don’t forget: anyone you meet at the location is an enemy and a potential killer. It’s every man for himself and the only ally you have is you. Not a happy picture, but don’t be upset. There are also benefits from other participants. For example, when one of them is killed, you will be able to pick up the armor, medicines and weapons that will fall out.

A few minutes after the start of the game, the territory will begin to narrow. Everyone who doesn’t have time to regroup and end up outside the play area will die. But inside, the situation will become more complicated. There will be less room for maneuver and more risk of running into an enemy bullet. You will need a well thought-out strategy and good equipment to have even the slightest chance of staying alive.

All kinds of weapons, tactically diverse maps

Luckily, there is no shortage of weapons and other cool stuff in PUG! Since it’s not just a shooter, but a survival shooter, weapons play a primary role in it. Aside from 25 different rifles and guns, there are also 5 pistols, 4 grenade, 4 melee weapons and 38 additional accessories. Just imagine what kind of combat opportunities such an arsenal opens up! You can also use various kinds of transport to move around the map faster, including boats.

Each map in PUBG is different, offering unique tactical opportunities. Some will put you in the middle of a flat wasteland, others – in towns densely packed with buildings that can be used for snipering. This diversity makes the game highly exciting to play and every time feels like anew. Play PUBG online, discover all the tricks and perks and enjoy every moment of the struggle!

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