GTA Games

The amazing series with incredibly well-though open world and numerous options for all of your darkest fantasies – GTA is here! You will live a life of a real aspiring gangster. Welcome to Los Santos, the most criminal city on the planet. Drug dealers and mafia members share neighborhood with movie stars and singers here. The strange place is drowning in crimes and vice. How would you feel yourself in this city? Will you manage to reach the highest tops and become a leader, boss, and authority? Thousands of enemies, bullets, guns, and fights are waiting for you here. Banks are waiting for you to rob them, cars stand nearby and you can get them, comrades will respect you for successful affairs. This is going to be a fantastic, but complicated way! Ready? Jump into your car and ride around the city, completing tasks and missions that will rise your level. Or just have fun, stealing and shooting. The choice is yours – gangsters are free people.

Open world with your own story

The game has a plot you can follow – there is a main aim you follow all the time. You can become a head of the criminal world if you will fulfill all the tasks and kill your opponents. However, the missions and tasks are not obligatory. You can choose another way: roam around the city, do whatever you want, and have fun. The time is very thrilling and dangerous – the early 90s are here. You have a tragic event behind your back – your mom has been killed, your dad is gone, and all the friends of your childhood are in great troubles (debts, drugs, and broken destinies). When you come back to Los Santos, the city where you were born, something strange happens. Two cops stop you and try to get you to the jail blaming you in a horrible crime you have never did. The only way to change your destiny, life, and save at least something is to take control over the streets and fix the situation.

All available games from the series

Los Santos is not the only place where the GTA series will bring you to. There are other cities that are as much corrupted and flooded with crime as this one. You will discover the most criminal districts of fictional USA and the cities mimic those that really exist on the map – New York, Miami, etc. The cities are created realistically, but in a very humorous way. The game allows you to do so much funny things – arrange massive gunfights, steal money from banks, get cars that don’t belong to you. When you live in the city of chaos, you must create chaos and become even more chaotic than the environment – this is your only way to survive. On this page, you will find a great variety of amazing GTA games. We have uploaded all the existing parts – enjoy them all and have fun. The fullest criminal adventure is waiting for you here. Chapter by chapter, you will have fun outliving the episodes of the main character. Try to find the way to success and power, get some money, become the most influential gangster in the criminal world of Los Santos and other vicious cities. All of them are free, unblocked, and absolutely amazing – GTA series are the real masterpieces of the gaming world!

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