Evil Nun Games

Do you want to feel the real horror? Then you should definitely play Evil Nun! This game will challenge you to run away from the Nun who wants to sacrifice you. It won’t be so easy because the church is locked and you need to find a way out of it using various objects that you are going to discover inside. There are also other children locked in the basement and you can save them too!

Run for your life!

The action of the game unfolds somewhere in the 60s. We play as a teenager who received an invitation to a summer camp. You will be brought there by some nun who seems like a kind and gentle woman. And maybe she is. Anyway, you don’t suspect anything bad to happen. But once you are dropped off near the garage door, it opens, and there is another, quite wicked-looking nun with a sledgehammer. You turn around, the car in which you arrived leaves, and when you turn back, you are hit on the head. Then you wake up in the building and your adventure begins.

You main task to escape from school without getting caught by the Nun. She will be following you throughout the game, so you have to keep your eyes peeled and listen out to every sound that echoes in the church. The player is given 5 days, and after that the Nun will throw you into the laundry. She looks rather creepy and is scary even to cast a glance at. The face is terrible, the teeth are crooked, the eyes are huge. So make sure your paths don’t cross very often!

Solve puzzles and get out of the church!

Evil Nun is not just a horror, it also makes you use your ingenuity. To get out of this school, you will need to go through and solve various riddles and logic puzzles. While you go through the game, you will need to find keys that will actually help you get out of all these rooms. There are plenty of places to hide if the Nun notices you – under a sink, in a closet, or behind some furniture. If you really need to, you can try to escape from her, maybe something will come of it.

The game has very cool graphics, objects in the rooms are smeared with blood or upside down, which causes a chill to run down your spine. Every second something may frighten you. There are also many frightening effects. To fully immerse yourself in the game, it’s advisable to play it with headphones on. Don’t be afraid to tickle your nerves a bit. Sometimes even this is useful! Plunge into the horrible atmosphere of Evil Nun and see if you can survive in this ominous place!

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